Want to use a Senior Style Guide in your business, but prefer to keep it on your website? We've created a special version of this Senior Style Guide just for Showit users! If you absolutely love Showit, you can use this template to easily add a Senior Style Guide page to your website - or create a plus site to deliver to your clients + help them prepare for their shooting experience with you! 

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Senior Boy Style Guide
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Easy-to-upload Showit template that can instantly be added to your account 

Beautifully designed, easily-customizable layout

Over 35 canvases jam-packed with everything your seniors need to know before their session

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It is likely that your senior clients have NEVER taken professional photos before...which means they are going into this experience completely blind. Imagine the RELIEF they will feel and the impression you will make by providing them a beautifully designed, jam-packed resource to answer every single one of their questions before they can even ask them! It kicks off their entire experience with your brand on an AMAZING foot. 

Your Clients Will Be Blown Away

It Saves TONS of Time

Are you being bogged down by an inbox FULL of questions from your clients? Yeah, I've been there. Creating a style guide like this REMOVES the need for hours (even weeks) of back-and-forth emailing to finalize every detail for your client's shoot. It condenses everything they could possibly need in ONE beautifully designed place! 

One of the BIGGEST and fastest changes that I saw as a result of implementing a Style Guide was that I left every single one of my sessions PROUD of the work that I created. When you take the time to educate your clients on how to prepare for their experience with you...the result is BEAUTIFUL, consistent images every. single. time.

Every Shoot is Website-Worthy

It Sets You Apart

When you are marketing your senior portrait experience, how do you stand out amongst the other photographers in your area? What are you providing that is unique and an above-and-beyond experience compared to everyone else? Being able to say that you include access to a 65+ page resource as soon as your clients book is a HUGE way to get them excited about their experience with you! 

It Increases Sales

One of the most important elements that we designed for this Senior Style Guide were pages that highlighted prints and products. Not only does this guide provide an amazing first impression, prepare your clients for their experience and help you stand will also increase your print + product sales by educating your clients on your offers + the value of printing their images! 


Let's talk about WHY you need a Senior Style Guide...

I vividly remember my early years of photographing senior portraits. My clients would arrive to their sessions late, with barely any makeup on wearing jeans a white t-shirt. Some show up in gym clothes or graphic tees...and it was almost impossible to produce images I was PROUD of when my clients didn't seem to care about their experience at all. Then, the Senior Style Guide was born! This guide made it MY job to educate my clients on how to prepare for their shoot, what will photograph best, what to expect and how to get the MOST out of their experience. Here's a few reasons it will change EVERYTHING for you: 






This template was a labor of love that took MONTHS of designing, testing, surveying and jam-packing with information. Any topic you can think of and any question that your senior clients may ask...we can almost guarantee it's included in this guide!


If you are a Showit fan, you are going to LOVE how easy it is to customize this template! Just upload it into your account with your personal Share Key, then apply your branding details and BOOM! All that's left to do is upload your images and you are good to go!

Easy to Use + Instantly Customize

I began my business when I was a high school student myself in 2013. This gives me a unique perspective on photographing + working with senior clients. I have now been photographing seniors for almost 10 years...and the amount of content, value and knowledge in this template is a culmination of those 10 years of experience! 

Created with 10+
Years of Experience

This Senior Style Guide is an absolute masterpiece, and every senior photographer NEEDS this in their business!! 

-Mary Catella

What's all included...

The breakdown

Instant access to your own "Share Key" to add the template to your Showit account


Welcome letter + Meet the photographer



What to expect: an entire walkthrough of the client experience, step-by-step, including what to expect every moment of the senior session

Who to bring with you + how to determine who can be in photos with you


How to select locations including visual examples + explanations


What to wear including pro tips, inspiration pages, dressing for seasons, hair and makeup, where to shop + more



Props + accesories: how to customize your session + highlight your hobbies, sports + interests 

The best ways to style college gear + cap & gown images





Prints + products including visual tutorials + the value of printing your images

Instant access. Fully customizable. BUILT FOR SHOWIT. HOURS AND HOURS OF TIME SAVED.

Thoughts from real customers:

" One thousand percent worth the investment."

- Kelsey Homolka

Here's what real photographers had to say about the new style guide:

"The Hope Taylor Senior Style Guide is a MUST HAVE for any senior photographer. Her writing is down to earth and connects with the clients while also educating them on what to expect from their senior experience from the moment they book until they receive their images and everything in between. The guide is super customizable with multiple cover options as well as pages that can be swapped in and out for however you run your business. I can't wait to share this with my seniors and their families!"


"If you want to be known as the go-to senior photographer in your area, having resources for your clients like the Senior Style Guide is a non-negotiable. All the work is already done for you in Hope's Senior Style Guide. No spending hours trying to think of what to say and how to say it - just drag and drop your images in and you'll have a complete (and robust) guide in the same day you started it!  The Senior Experience Guide will make you more money and allow you to raise your prices when implemented into your client experience - no doubt about it!”


"This guide is so much more than just a style guide!! This covers everything your senior needs to know from location prep and every aspect of getting themselves ready - to the shoot - to what to expect with delivery. It is so easily customizable as Canva is SO easy to use! This will definitely be a game changer for me to send to my seniors and there are even some pages I will be adding to my other guides as well! 


"This guide is exactly what I needed in my senior biz to truly elevate the overall experience and help my clients feel totally prepared. I feel that this will be a staple in my business and something that my senior clients will be raving about! I am not super tech-savvy when it comes to platforms like Canva, but it has been a breeze customizing the guide. My communication, during, and after the session shows my heart behind why I love senior portraits, but this guide will only amplify it. I truly think that implementing this guide into my business will provide me with more bookings and ability to raise my pricing comfortably. Before this guide, I believed my senior experience was great, but now it will be top-notch. This guide truly completes the package.


Over 35 customizable canvases in Showit
Video walkthrough + tutorial from Hope
All of Hope's copy + wording to deliver to your clients
HOURS of time saved 
Easy to customize using Showit - no design experience required! 
Online community of photographers to help as you work!


The senior style guide


the htp professional bio

but why learn from me?

I can still remember the days I sat in my high school classroom with a head full of big dreams. I was answering emails on my phone under the desk, skipping dances and pep rallies for meetings and hustling hard to make my dreams a reality. I had no idea if being a full-time business owner was even a possibility…but I knew that I was going to hustle harder than ever to make it happen. 

In the last seven years, I have been through so many seasons of business: seasons of doubt and insecurity, seasons of never feeling good enough, seasons of not knowing how in the world I was going to make this work and seasons where I was ready to give up. Wherever you are right now, however you are feeling, I’ve been there. I see you. And I am cheering you on every step of the way.

Through hard work and hustle and a whole lot of learning, I’ve been able to build a six-figure photography business doing what I love every day. And, even better: I have my LIFE back. I’ve implemented workflows and resources that allow me to be in control of my business, instead of my business controlling me.

With a passion for business strategy and marketing, and a heart for education, I want to provide you with the practical tools and knowledge you need to grow a successful, profitable business built in service and love.  

I'm convinced. Let's do this.

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frequently asked

As soon as you hit "purchase" on the Senior Style Guide Template, you will get an email with access to a "Share Key". This key will be entered into your Showit account to add the design to your own account. Don't worry, there's a tutorial from Hope to help!

While the guide was designed specifically for senior portraits, it can EASILY be customized to fit any industry or niche! If you are a branding, family, newborn, boudoir or any other type of photographer...this guide can also totally work for you! It will just take a smidge more customizing. 


How does it work? 

Is this only for senior photographers?

As long as you are a Showit user with an existing Showit account, you do not need anything else!

Do I need to have a certain software or anything special on my computer?

Absolutely! Purchasing any shop product gives you access to our exclusive online community of HUNDREDS of photographers that are students or customers of the shop. This is where you can ask questions, share wins and get ongoing support!

Forever! Purchasing the guide includes instant, lifetime access to the template. So, you can update it year after year - or complete it whenever you have time! 

Do I get access to your FB group?

How long will I have access to this template?

You will hit "publish" on your Showit website + can create a custom URL to send directly to your clients before their session! 

Once I finish customizing the guide, how do i send it to my clients? 



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