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A membership + coaching program for senior portrait photographers that want to scale their businesses

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My most accessible education ever...

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Each month, members get access to a brand new episode where they are my virtual second shooter at a REAL senior session! Think of it like Netflix...but the senior portrait version!  

the primary video



In addition to the primary video each month, members will get a bonus video that supplements that month's content. Things like real-time editing demos, post-processing workflows, time-saving hacks, bonus speakers and more. 

THE bonus video



Don't have time to consume 1-2 hours of content each month? Don't worry! Members get a "highlight reel" of the most value-packed moments from each month if you need to watch on a time crunch. 

Bite-size goodness



This is what sets the Senior Scoop apart from other photographer memberships. This is Hope's ONLY educational offering that includes LIVE group Q&A calls. Once a month, members will have the opportunity to ask Hope anything and get real-time, personalized feedback on a group coaching call.




Members will be added to an exclusive, members-only online community where Hope and all other members will come alongside you to celebrate your wins, answer your questions and support you in your business journey. 

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The vault of past content...including HOURS of real senior sessions

Get brand new content on the 1st of each month

Be a part of the active online community + learn from Hope

Join monthly LIVE coaching calls to ask Hope anything you want

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"I was excited to see a full senior session photographed by Hope. I get caught up in over thinking, so it was useful to see another photographer direct their session. And for such an affordable price! I realized it was less than the other photography products I pay monthly subscriptions for and had to go for it. This was the perfect thing to start with for investing in my senior photography education."

"Jumping in on The Senior Scoop helped me not only to learn many awesome tips but also sends me a little inspiration each month to stay motivated and always hustling to work on creating more magic for my current and future seniors. I love finding ideas to help me stay unique while also learning from the best!"

"I am excited to be a part of The Senior Scoop! I also follow Hope on YouTube, have purchased two of her courses and have learned so much. For me just to be starting off, I feel that I now have the basics in order to start gaining momentum. There hasn't been a single resource, course, or freebie that I've received that wasn't helpful."

"If you have to choose Starbucks once a week or this, definitely choose this. It’s an investment into yourself that you will be thankful for!" 

"Wow wow wow, if you are on the fence about wanting to join The Senior Scoop…. Just do it. After only watching the first month, I totally rocked my senior shoot the following week feeling confident and happy with my client experience. From learning poses, to editing, Hope really goes in depth and there’s so much educational value to take away from this course!"

"Hope's enthusiasm is contagious. I have been following her for awhile online and always learn something new. She is organized and succinct. I appreciate that she gets right to teaching without a lot of small talk. Life is busy and time at the computer learning is time away from photographing, so knowing that Hope is efficient in the way she presents The Senior Scoop materials is a big plus."







Every single month, members get access to 3 new videos inside the membership to help them build their senior photography business. 


The Senior Scoop membership is the ONLY product that includes LIVE Q&A access to Hope every single month. Ask anything you want and get consistent, personalized feedback.


1-1.5 hours of content each month

30-45 minute group Q&A call each month

The Senior Scoop membership includes access to an exclusive online community with the most engaging and excited photographers. We are ready to come alongside you to answer your questions and celebrate your wins!


We can't wait to meet you!


Watch me photograph real senior sessions, edit the images in real-time, handle tough scenarios, give lecture-style content and provide monthly LIVE coaching...all for less than $30/month.

It's like a mini course meets a mastermind

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The senior scoop is a membership that gives you new Education and live coaching every single month to help you book more senior clients and improve your images.

Ready to change your biz and your images?

You are struggling to achieve consistent, beautiful senior images that you are PROUD to deliver to your clients. 

you're in the right place if:

You know you want to specialize in senior photography...but you don't know where to begin. 

You love photographing seniors...but when you arrive to a session, you freeze up and catch yourself scrolling through Pinterest for poses. 

You are seeking community and being surrounded by business owners that are at the same stage of business (and ones that are even more advanced!) 

You want CONTENT to level-up your business...but you also want community and hands-on coaching to take it to new heights. 

Where My Passion for Seniors Began...

I began my business as a high school junior when I was only 16 years old. My entire business and six-figure income were first built on my love for photographing my peers and their senior portraits. Now, over 8 years later, it is still my favorite work that I create as a photographer.

Beginning my business while in high school gives me a unique perspective on marketing to seniors, and my passion has grown into a love for teaching other photographers how to specialize in this niche! 

The Senior Scoop was born out of a desire to do two things: create a more accesible resource for my students, and give senior photographers a more customized education experience. The Senior Scoop is unlike other photography memberships available right now...it's far more than just monthly videos! 

I want to learn from hope!

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• In-person experience (requires travel costs) 
• 16+ hours
• Limited seats available + sell out quickly 

Two-Day in-person workshops


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new content each month, community and live coaching...all for just

• New content each month
• LIVE coaching with Hope
• Self-paced learning
• Footage of me working with REAL clients
• All of my very own documents + programs 
• Private, supportive Facebook community
• Uncut senior sessions
•Real editing demos
• & more! 

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The only other place you can watch me shoot a full senior session in real-time


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As a paying member of Senior Scoop, you will get access to new monthly content...AND have unlimited access to all PAST content, too! That means you will get instant access to over 6 hours of content right when you sign up this week...and continued access to NEW content the first week of every month! And, yes...you can cancel at ANY time! 

watch now in the senior scoop

R6 vs. Mark lll: 
My First Shoot with the R6

watch now

Taylor's senior Session: crowded locations

watch now

Dylan's senior Session: Photographing guys

watch now

just a peek at some of the additional content: 

What's already inside the vault:

Taylor's Senior Session: Golden Hour

watch now

Emily's Senior Session  in Savannah

watch now

Mary's Senior Session + The Pink Figgy

watch now

Click here to see the full vault of past content

frequently asked

Yes! You have the ability to go into your student portal and cancel your membership at any time. 

You will get instant access to all of the past content inside the membership portal! You'll also get access to new content very single month as long as you are subscribed to the Senior Scoop! 

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Can I cancel at any time?

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Nope! Not at all! You can cancel at any time. 

Is there a minimum commitment? 

You will have access to ALL of the content inside the membership as long as you are a paying member! So, if you want to go back and watch content from past months in the future...you can!

Can't make one of the monthly coaching calls? Not to worry! All calls are recorded and uploaded to the membership portal, and questions are collected ahead of time - so you can still get your questions answered even if you can't show up live! 

Will I always have access to all of the content, or just one month at a time? 

What if I can't make a coaching call?

We are here to help! Email us at hello@hopetaylor.com at any time - we're here to talk with you to ensure this is the best investment for your business! 

I have more questions...who can I talk to?

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